Lifting bales with vacuum

Lifting rubber bales in the pharmaceutical and automotive industry.

One of the activities that go on in a tyre factory is the mixing of rubber compound. This formulation consists of rubber and fillers. The mixer is a sophisticated piece of heavy equipment whose primary function is to break down and mix rubber bale, fillers, and chemicals with other ingredients. The blocks of rubber are quickly and smoothly moved to the mixer using a VacuEasylift bale lifter.

Rubber bales are lifted with two flexible suction cups which adjust to the surface. The rubber bales used to produce tyres are delivered in pieces of approximately 40 kg weight, a very heavy lifting operation if carried out manually. Lifting rubber bales is one of the most popular applications for the VacuEasylift.

In the pharmaceutical industry rubber bales are lifted with VacuEasylift in stainless steel due to cleanroom requirements.

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